Hey, I’m Liz. I was born and raised in country Victoria before moving to Melbourne at sixteen. After graduating in Graphic Design from Swinburne, my first job was working in magazines for ACP Publishing, then in marketing materials for Connexion PR before diving into apparel and marketing at Globe International and Pacific Brands. Whilst I mainly worked in apparel design, I also worked in marketing collateral, advertising, print, packaging, point of sale and photo retouching.  I started up my own freelance business in 2002 while still working full time and began to build a client base before working for myself full time in 2010.

My clients now vary from corporates, SME’s to micro businesses;  including: Everlast, PUMA, Scholl, Adidas, Florsheim, Mossimo, Superdry, Foresite, Train World, AOMC, Chev Car Club, Berlei, Impactiv8 and many more.

Random facts about Liz

I have one child and two dogs and I’m married to a MAMIL – middle-aged man in Lycra
I’m a country girl who loves to go back to visit the farm but can’t live without my city creature comforts
I like to wear black a lot
My music taste is very eclectic and ranges from Tool to Tori Amos
I value a sense of humour; life’s too short not see the funny side of things.


I founded Caliba in 2002, a home-based-design studio dedicated to helping brands reach their full potential through brand creation and awareness. I provide creative thinking and innovative design solutions to RECHARGE your brand, attract your target market and deliver your message effectively.

While the Caliba office is small, my personal approach is not only a more cost effective option, but will also ensure that you’re not just a number in a big brand agency.  By working together one-on-one, we will see design projects through from initial concepts to final artwork.

Want to know how to take your business to the next level? Contact me now.

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